About Us

TRU3 STORI apparel is a luxury streetwear brand that embodies individuality, positivity, and creativity through its designs. Creator & CEO Greg Tecoz, AKA G-Fresh, is a certified Platinum music producer & recording artist who is well known for his innovative sound and trend-setting style.

Born in Switzerland and raised in Atlanta, Gfresh’s diverse culture and musical influence have inspired his own eclectic fashion statements that pack panache — TRU3 STORI merges trendy street-style aesthetics with exclusive one-of-a-kind designs that can’t be found anywhere else.

TRU3 STORI clothing is meant to be as bold, distinctive, and influential as those who wear it. Fueled by passion, inspired by true events, made to turn heads. Tell your true story, wear your TRU3 STORI.